24 January 2010

Some thoughts on Cowboys, Luke Skywalker and Parenting

Ready for an hour run this morning with the team: Manuel, Scott and Adam. It should be great fun. Then we have a 35 minute spin to shake out those muscles. The rest of my day will be consumed with rehearsals and writing music. 

I am loving my Timex Ironman Race Trainer Kit more and more. You can not really cheat with a heart rate monitor on. There is no "dogging" it. You cannot estimate your exertion with the HRM on—it lets you know. You know exactly what intensity you're putting out. The best part about the watch is that it actually logs all of your heart rate date for you  online.

Alaina decided that we should go out this afternoon and get one of those Wild West type pictures taken because some local place is offering one free 16X20. You know,  you get dressed up in cowboy gear. Dad gets to hold an old musket with a coon cap while sporting some old tattered long leather deer-skin coat. The boys will wear some caps and vests and the girls will all be wear little gowns with gloves on and flowers on their hats. Invariably, no one is smiling in these pictures, because apparently in the Wild West, no one was ever happy. Alaina spent about five minutes explaining to the kids how everything was going to unfold when we go to take the picture. When she finished Luca said, "Cool, I want to be Luke Skywalker," and Amalia said she wanted to be a "butterfly." I don't think they quite understood the concept.

My wife and I are often amazed how we can both work out really hard and feel like we have more left in the tank, only to leave the gym and be mentally exhausted in less than three minutes in the car on the way home with the children. 

I have to admit, I am feeling unusually stressed out right now. I am pretty laid back (for a Jack Russell Terrier,) but I have some looming writing deadlines that I have to wrap up, all while I am preparing for a sleuth of concerts in the spring. I am also doing quite a bit of traveling this spring out of town for gigs and guest lecturing. I love it—it is great fun—but trying to work out child care for five children when Alaina and I have to be in two different places can be really stressful. I get especially stressed out when I know it is going to impede on my normal workout routine. As selfish as that sounds, I am a much nicer human being when I don't miss a workout. I have been known to get kind of crabby. 

Okay, more soon. Happy Training!


Big Clyde said...

Mark, I just started following and am a husband and father of three. I like your blog. It is understandable to be dreading the childcare issues ahead. It is nerve-wracking to be away from our babies (regardless of their age). Something would be wrong if you didn't feel that!

Big Clyde
P.S. I'd like to be Vader, just to wear the suit!


Realize that you will do the best you can and don't punish yourself for not getting it all in. Family first, career second, all this other stuff third.

Mark said...

Big Clyde, thanks for swinging by! I hear you, I always look forward to going out of town to be a "rock star" composer, then look for every opportunity to skype home to see my children and talk to them. I will swing by your blog soon and leave my mark.

P.S. I would be Han

Mark said...

Bob, you are most definitely right. I appreciate how succinctly you put things into perspective.

You are a true jedi master. Your metachlorian count must be through the roof!