17 January 2010


I was tagged by my friend Kelly over at trimommylife.blogspot.com, to write a "Ten Things That Make Me Happy list. Here it goes:

1) Writing a double bar line and sending a piece off to the printer.

2) When all five of my children rush to the door when I get home from work to greet me with hugs and kisses.

3) Sleeping in late

4) Going out to dinner with Alaina (rarely happens these days, that is why it makes me especially happy
    when it occurs)

5) Picking fresh vegetables out of our garden during the summer with my kids and making a salad with
    them for dinner that evening.

6) Watching Alaina do crafts with the kids.

7) Sitting down and reading a book for enjoyment, rather than reading to prepare a scholarly essay.

8) Going out for a long run by myself and that euphoric feeling that comes when I imagine
   myself finishing strong at the end of a race.

9) Visiting friends places I have never been.

10) Pasta, c'mon... goes without saying really. A nice dish of penne with sauce, pesto, or aglio olio. Amen.

Now I am suppose to tag 10 of my fellow blogger friends to do the same. You're it!

Johan at Tri-Stemmet (He ran Ironman South Africa 70.3 yesterday! Congratulations Johan. Can not wait to hear how it went)


Vanessa at Medievalist Running In circles

Fred at Triathlon Training Frenzy

Scott at Tri To Do It All

KC at 140 Point 6 Miles

Anne at Irondreams (I think she was already tagged by Kelly, but I have not been blogging long enough to know eleven people.

Julie at The Salt Lake City Project

Nicholas at Easternclimber.com 

Pete at NJ Endurance Addict

You're it! Happy training and blogging!


Medievalist86 said...

Woohoo! What a great idea. I guess I know what my next post is about.

Anonymous said...

That's a GREAT LIST! and some great new blogs for me to read!

KC said...

reading your list made me happy! thanks for the tag Mark.