10 January 2010

Crankskins.com: Dear Gearheads, Runners, Bikers, Swimmers and Wannabe's

My race sponsor at team crankskins.com are letting me share the team discount with my blog followers for the GARMIN Forerunner 310XT with heart rate monitor and optional cadence. If  any of you have been in the market to get the current "holy grail" of running/cycling gear for yourself or your favorite gear-head that must own every toy on Earth, now is the time. This is a great deal. Stop by my team member site to order four or five of these for your favorite loved ones. They make great stocking stuffers!

Surely you know someone in the market for a new crank. This shiny, pretty new Dura-Ace crank is on sale for $405. Stop by my crankskins.com team member site and check out all the specs. 



Your a regular marketing machine!!!

Mark said...

Haha.. right Bob. I am just jealous you are in Portugal and I am not! Bring me back a t-shirt, wall ya? You know.. like the Portuguese flag or something. I will be forever in your debt. :-)