12 December 2009

Kite Flying and W.I.N.ning

And another thing... with the money that parents spend on personal training sessions once a week, they could use that dough to purchase a 6-8 week program at their local YMCA for their child. Our children have participated in group swim lessons, floor hockey, football, soccer, baseball, and basketball. It costs a fraction of what a personal trainer would cost. Children get to participate in a group sport, learn swim technique, team dynamics, stretching, all while having a lot of fun with their peers. The rhetoric of the parents on television astounded me, "We don't know how to get our child off the couch." Really? (There I go again with my "Really[s].) Balancing work, training, and a family life is incredibly tricky. I need to be flexible. I recently read an article in Triathlete magazine about one elite athlete's approach to this delicate balancing act. He said he operates with the W.I.N. method: 'What's Important Now.' When he is spending time participating in an activity with his family, that is all that matters. He does not think about his next training session. He said that one day he was on his bike, ready to go out for a long ride when his two young children came out and said "Daddy, don't you want to help us fly our kite?" His heart sank, and of course, he got off his bike and had an awesome time with his kids, and said he never would have traded that bike ride for the smiles on his children's faces that afternoon. Of course, I don't need any convincing. I would MUCH rather be flying kites, playing catch, and having tea parties then doing a 3 hour run. But their is balance, and triathletes have to remember—at least this one does—not to be selfish. My family are the ones who support me and allow me to follow my crazy dream of competing in my first IM.

Running: I have picked up the running this week. I ran three time this week already for a total of 12 miles (patience young grasshopper) and I feel great. Adam and I picked out our 36 week training plan for Ironman. We start our training on 3 January 2010. We are going to try to find some run and swim experts to help us with our form along the way. Mary Eggers, a IM triathlete and coach, suggest video taping your form to improve efficiency and preventing injury. Good advice. That is on the agenda this month. I will keep you updated. Will I ever transform into a decent runner? Hmm, we'll see, but it will not be from lack of trying.

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Medievalist86 said...

First of all, you are a decent runner! And don't forget it. Glad you picked out a plan - are you going to post it on the blog?
I like the WIN idea - I'll definitely be keeping that one in mind.
Keep up the good work, solider.