05 October 2010

I'm On The Twitter

What do me and Betty White have in common?  I mean other than being extraordinarily funny human beings, our ownership of giant gold medallions, and looking great in pink?

We are now both on the Twitter. If you couldn't get enough of me through my blog, or just want to follow me in a non-threatening, unstalking sort of way, now you can:


Come follow Tridadoffive as I once again "tri" to navigate my way through another season of triathlon, while remaining gainfully employed, married, and father to five awesome bambini.

Small Update: The workouts are going pretty good. I have not done any serious weight training since January, and my body feels like it. Ouch!

I did a 10k run with my boys accompanying me on their bikes. My usual 10k route. I did not push it super hard (7:50's,)  but man, was I exhausted and in a lot of pain the next day. I must be still suffering from PIMNWS.

I went for a swim yesterday in my new "home" pool on the campus of my new school. Doesn't this picture make it look gigantic—like it's a 200 yard pool or something? Unfortunately, it is only 25 yards, but I got my own lane!
More soon. Don't forget to get your tail in gear and sign up for my Lazer Tardiz helmet giveaway.


Julie @ "Hotlegs Runner" said...

awesome pool! and it's indoors! it's getting too cold to swim outdoors these days. =( I'll follow you. Mine is, in case you're interested, @hanagirl28

Kovas Palubinskas said...

On my way - follow back if you like @kovasp (So cool that you and Betty White are so much alike!)

martin briars said...

i'd be interested to know what kind of training schedule you do over the winter - like i said, i'm preparing my first iron for next year, and i get through a half and an Olympic distance without much trouble, but i am not sure i have the muscle capacity for iron yet.
saying that i have run two 100km races - in 10h30, so i know about long distance suffering !

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

you are now being followed!

Oh, BTW I am down with Hotdog Eating Contest. Actually went to it 2 years ago when Joey Chestnut pulled off the upset victory. Some compelling stuff that competitive eating! (looking for sarcasm font?)

Jason said...

You are being followed now on Twitter and stalked on your blog.....congrats!!!!! @MMNorthDallas.

That pool looks amazing and sure does dwarf the pool I use.

Is weight training new to your program? Would be interested to know how you are incorporating weight training.

Fat guy said...

Are your ears burning?



Damn, I just figured out Facebook.... I'll be up with you in about a year

Joel said...

Welcome to the "Flock". Added you to my list.

I'm @TriMadness.

Nice trick photography there. It does look like a really big pool...