22 September 2010

PIMNWS: Post Ironman Now What Syndrome

Many of you suffer from this dreadful affliction known in the endurance multi-sport world as PIMNWS, or Post Ironman Now What Syndrome. This is a serious illness that affects the lives of hundreds of thousands of ironman triathletes each year, but is especially prevalent—although not invariably—among first-timers. Those of us who are fresh off the throws of our first Iron distance event understand the insaneness that ensues immediately following an ironman event. Thoughts like:

"I bet I could have run that marathon an hour faster... maybe I will do another marathon in a couple of weeks... I should be fine by then."


"... I had fun at Placid. I am going to sign up for Cour d'Alene and Wisconsin for next year."


"If I had a faster bike, I could probably make Kona."


"I wonder if I could secretly train, so that my wife would not know I was contemplating another Ironman."


"do you think everyone notices that I can always steer my conversation towards triathlon and Ironman?"

Whatever the cause of the madness, as your new self-proclaimed Triathlon Doctor (much in the way that Michael Jackson declared himself "The King of Pop,") I suggest a healthy dose of letting your friends talk to you about how mad you've gotten. And, this is no ordinary mad... this is full-blown George III mad! Post Ironman Now What Syndrome often includes moments of mystic exaltation where the subject thinks they can run a 50K just weeks following an Ironman, or they start looking into Adventure Racing, climbing the Himalayas, or my new obsessions, the Ragnar Relay . I TRIPLE-DOG dare you to tell me that this does not look like GREAT FUN!  Would you believe I know eleven other insane people?  I am hoping my friend, and fellow blogger Kelly over at trimommylife and her husband might take part. Feel free to check out her blog and give her a special—nudge-nudge, wink-wink—for me. 

In short, Ironman has not left me tired, and depleted of energy—rather—it has given me a renewed energy, a new focus, and has made me want to work even harder (and SMARTER) this off season to be even more successful next season. 

Okay—that's all I got. 

NEXT UP: My review of my new AWESOME Lazer aero helmet!!!


Alexa said...

"... I had fun at Placid. I am going to sign up for Cour d'Alene and Wisconsin for next year."

Guilty as charged.

Kristin said...

LOL! Sounds Familiar! Even though I only did a HIM this year! Next up IM!!

djarecke@gmail.com said...

Hilarious, Dr. Mark. I've got the "if only I had" syndrome right now too. It seems to have lessened with 1 dose of signing up for IMLOU again next year, followed by 200mg of recovery.

Great job!


Actually there are not hundreds of thousands of us. I figure around 70,000 or so do an IM every year.

That's .00175% of the world's population, or in a standard 10,000gallon backyard pool, the equivalent of your bike water bottle (1 not 2) poured into a full pool

Welcome to a fairly exclusive club, Doc...

Barbie said...

I am really hoping I get this same affliction after my 70.3 next year.

Caratunk Girl said...

That is so funny...I feel that way now that the season is over for me, I can't imagine how I am going to feel next year after IMLP!!

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Hysterical post Mark! I am looking forward to the aero helmet review. Not that I need to get one or anything *wink*wink*

Anne said...

Great post. Warning, I felt FANTASTIC after IMFL and started trying to train for a 50 miler ...

and ended up having to sit on the bench for a bit to save my legs.

Respect the recovery and enjoy the off season!

Kathleen said...

Great post.
I loved "I wonder if I could secretly train, so that my wife would not know I was contemplating another Ironman". That is really funny.
Though I am not a big fan of aero helmets as you know from my most recent post, I look forward to the review of your brand spanking new one! :)

Christina said...

I wonder if PIMNWS is more severe for an Ironman as compared to a marathoner. It hung on for weeks after my marathon and I only did 1/3 of what you did.

Kelly said...

I know your secret, Mark!! You only want me to race Ragnar so Kel and his speedy legs will come too!! I'll talk to him tonight! :)

Mark said...

Huh? What? Oh... Kelly... your husband runs? I had NO idea. Well, since you're doing it anyway, you might want to ask him to come along. ;- )