09 September 2010

Two Days Out!

What goes through MY mind two days before Ironman?

Data, of course!

Here are some other things I am thinking about:

1. I have not been doing anything... running, swimming, biking. Okay, maybe a little. Can I still run an Ironman?

2. Upon finishing—I hope— how long will it be until I can walk again?

3. If I really, really, really love the experience, how many years will have to go by until I can convince my wife that it is time to run another one?

4. How many days do I get to wear the race t-shirt/hat/cape/every other piece of gear that I will purchase to prove that I ran this race before it is really lame?

5. How long do I get to talk about Ironman after my event before I become "that guy" to my coworkers?

I went out on a half hour run last night at 9:00 p.m. I had just come home from work, got the kids in bed, and my body was just itching to get out there and run. I really had to dial it back, because I felt like a racehorse chomping at the bit to sprint.  That's good, right?

As my triathlon season comes to a close, want to use this post as an opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me this year. Let's start with the obvious:

1. My family: You have been incredibly supportive and PATIENT supporting me as I logged countless hours away from home. We have sacrificed a lot together—thank you!    p.s. Huge family activities planned for the months of October and November.

2. My sponsors: especially the fine folks at crankskins.com—whose coolest company slogan ever, "Wrap Your Crank" has been the subject of numerous emails, blog fodder, and safe sex education classes this entire season, Blue competition bicycles for making me much faster than I really am on the bike, Lazer Helmets, and H20 Audio. Thanks for ensuring that I could actually take part in a sport that I absolutely love without mortgaging my home, getting divorced, and not holding a baked good sale once a week.

3. My blog readers and follower: I have gotten amazing motivation, training tips, psychotherapy, the occasional chastisement, and encouragement from all of you. Thanks for reading, and following along with me. I've loved your comments and your words of wisdom.

Okay, updates from the site to come!

Train smart!


Tracy Kaback said...

Mark...amazing, absolutely amazing. I can still remember 2 years ago when you stood on the deck of the Y pool asking us about triathlons and how you want to do one; but you can't really swim. You've surpassed any of us weekend warriors! You've been amazing and your wife must be a saint. Your energy is endless and your commitment commendable.

So when you put your 140.6 sticker all over your car and somebody asks what that radio station is ...feel free to sing your song tell them all about your journey!


Have fun with it!!
If you have time, look up Charisa Wernick (female pro) and fellow blogger. She'd love talking to a fellow blogger.
Good luck!!

Molly said...

Yeah, I'll be packing a hefty bag to throw on in case those rain showers in the forecast show up....good luck, and have a great time!!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Woohoo! You are sooo ready! Good luck in your race..you are going to do awesome!

Anonymous said...

So So So excited for you Mark! I hope you have a blast. Elena IS a saint for putting up with all of this insanity! I can't wait to hear your race report. I had to bail on the IronGirl this year because I am pregnant (shocker, I know!) so I am living vicariously through your adventures. Safe travels to Ohio and back. My thoughts will be with you.


Kathleen said...

Best of luck!!! You are going to do great!