17 June 2010

Mile Repeats, Take Two....Mile Repeats, Take Two

Today was my third go-around at mile repeats since being introduced to them by my running terrorist  coach, Vanessa. I have noticed a real difference from just the two that I ran when I go out for my long runs. Maybe it's psychological—or psychosomatic (like how I am convinced that wearing my white Ironman visor somehow makes me a stronger runner—it does though.) Whatever the case, I am certainly convinced that everyone who is training to run should incorporate some type of speed work into their routine. 

I have noticed that I feel a lot stronger in my long runs (10+) Adam and I ran 14 this weekend and our last two splits were 7:30 and 7:15, and I felt like maybe I had a little more in the tank when we were done. That is exactly the way you are suppose to feel when you are done—like you could have gone a bit longer. 

Vanessa studying for her graduate Medieval comprehensive exams before our six mile shakeout run with Adam. Notice the 2010 Boston Marathon jacket Vanessa is sporting. Showoff.

It is promising that I am feeling stronger and able to get in some serious training right around the time that I need to. Although, I have to tell you, as a father of five I sometimes have to bag my training, or cut it short in order to be a father of five—and THAT IS OKAY! My blogger friend Bob at ONEHOURIRONMAN has a really refreshing attitude concerning Ironman training and staying married. He recently finished a book about how to train for Ironman with minimal hours. His mantra: You will not podium, but you'll finish. Honestly, I think I am somewhere in between the two. I know that I have six hour rides to do, but there is no way that I can really commit that much time without upsetting my kids who want to spend time doing things with their daddy on the weekends. Can't I get out early and be home by mid-afternoon? Sure, but with five kids, each one of them needs their time with me. We often do activities all together, but a lot of times I just do things with the girls, or one of my children at a time. 

This is a look at what my last two speed workouts consisted of:
Workout #1:

2 mile warmup
mile 1: 7:45
500 recovery
mile 2: 7:28
500 recovery
mile 3: 7:03
500 recovery
mile 4: 6:37
500 recovery
2.5 mile cool down

Workout #2

2 mile warmup
1st mile: 7:15
2nd mile: 700
3 mile run off track
1200: 4:45
400 recovery
800: 3:13
400 recovery
400: 1:34
400 recovery
2.5 mile run

Okay—serious swim day today and a bike. 

Adam Update: 
Still single ladies. Alexa, I'm looking your way.

More soon. Train Smart!


Kovas Palubinskas said...

Mile repeats, wow. I'm looking forward to being strong enough to try that. By the way, what is your commission on the whole Adam thing?

Mark said...

Kovas—right! I should be making something. Like... tridadoffiveblogspot/triathletematchmaker.com

I get a piece of gear for each hookup.

Caratunk Girl said...

Mile repeats sounds brutal! When I am able to run I am totally doing them! Kovas is right, you totally should be getting a kick back for trying to hook up Adam! :)


Thanks for the shout out. Adam farts..... farts - no girls. Be careful on the repeats. It just seems too many people get hurt going for that extra little bit... OH, did I mention that guys that fart have a hard time getting girls??