14 June 2010

The Blue, The Build, The Bullet

Something old, something new, Something borrowed, something BLUE. This age-old saying does not merely apply to brides on their wedding day, but to owners of Blue bicycles everywhere. 

Something Old: Me, and riding a road bike in triathlons for the last three seasons.

Something New and Blue: My Blue Triad. 

Borrowed: The talents of bike shop owner Dave Silloway and his cast of peculiar mechanics that work with him at  The Bike Zone  in Rochester, NY

The question was, who is going to put it together. "Why, anyone can put together a bike Mark. What's the big deal?" you ask. The big deal is that my new Blue has an integrated seat post. That means the seat mast is actually part of the frame. There is nothing to slide up and down inside the post. One piece of carbon. One very expensive piece of carbon. Cut the seat mast too far, and well... you're in trouble. Most bike designs alla Trek, Felt have seat masts that slide inside the post. If you mismanage the cut, you are out a $75 piece of carbon, not the entire frame. Frames get pricey, or so I'm told. Why the integrated seat post you ask? Why, aerodynamics of course. I am liable to shave a few millionths of a second off of my bike.

I bought my first ride—a Trek Madone 4.5—from Dave  (relax wifey, when I say "my first ride—" this is not going to start the purchase of a long string of rides I need for various biking  activities. But just in case you want to get me a really nice present for my birthday/anniversary/Christmas, or you are secretly planning a triathlon shower before Rev 3: Cedar Point, or any other time in our marriage, here are some bikes I would like to add to my arsenal:

Blue cyclocross
A really shiny urban-yuppy single speed 

I asked Dave to build my ride because of his experience, and because he is a rider. More, two of the top triathletes in the area entrust their bikes with him.
Let's meet the dude who built my ride:

Name: David Silloway
Age: Ageless
First Bike: 20" Huffy with motorcycle style banana seat
How did you get into riding: My brother rode BMX with all his buddies, and I wanted to do it too, because I thought it was cool
How long have you been riding: I started racing BMX when I was 13. I've done a couple of mountain and road bike races since then
Favorite Bike You've Ever Owned: A 24" Hutch BMX Cruiser. When I was a kid I spent a lot of time on that bike. I raced it, rode everywhere I had to go. It took me everywhere. I also dig my new Calfee.
How many bikes have you owned in your lifetime: Depending on how you look at it, either 20, or 18,000.
Favorite Ride: Highlander 100 miler. This is a tough ride that works its way through the Finger Lakes area. A lot of steep climbs in and out of the bluff. 
Some cool stuff you might want to know: Red Ribbon Aids Ride from August 18-22. It traverses 420 miles and tours the Finger Lakes region. It is a tough ride.
Beer of choice: Stout. This is  very important. There are two people that I think you should keep very happy. Your bike mechanic, and your librarian. Let's just face it, Dave is responsible for making sure I'm fast and safe. My librarian is responsible for making sure I am free from ginormous fines. Coincidentally, my librarian Gerry is a world-class photographer and took the last picture in this post with my Blue. If indeed you want to get on Dave's good side, I would recommend bringing him a beer. Dave likes Lion's Stout, a beer, I think, I proudly introduced him to.

Now, to the much anticipated bike build. I dropped off the bike for him on a Tuesday and the bike shop was swamped. You know, western New York, short riding season. Everyone wants to get their bikes tuned up and out there to enjoy the tiny window we have to enjoy the season. After the busy weekend, I came back into the store because Dave said he had put my bike together. This is what I saw as I was walking up to the shop entrance:

Now it was time to cut the seat mast—which in its original, uncut, size L position, is well suited for someone, say...8'4. 

I had complete faith in Dave. I was not worried at all. Not even for a minute:

This was after the initial cut. Dave took two more cuts to ensure the right seat mast height.
After the initial cut, Dave made two more. 
All this cutting can make a man thirsty. If you are in and around The Bike Zone, drop in and bring Dave a beer. Good Beer. Like:

Dave likes beer. 

After some cuts, Dave had the aerobars on, and was trying to talk me into giving him the bike:

Okay, here is mechanic Chris with Dave having a rather philosophical discussion  concerning something I had absolutely no idea about. Seriously, they might as well have been speaking in Bushman Click, Sanskrit, or pig-Latin, but they were gravely serious, and were going on and on about casing and wires, and where to cut. In the end, I am glad they took the time to get it right. It would have been bad converting my Blue into a single speed. It would have seemed like far too aero a frame for a commuter bike.

After all that hard work, Dave would love to enjoy a beer, perhaps this one:

Since bringing the bike home on Sunday, I've put in about 150 miles on this puppy. My Blue is fast. I went out for a nice easy ride on Friday with Alexa who will soon be sporting some nice, new, hot pink crankskins on her Cervelo. Nice. Adam and I went out for a nice 56 miler yesterday. I will not even come close to bottoming out this puppy like I did my compact double 50/34 on my Madone. I was mashing it on some straights with the wind yesterday, and I had plenty more gearing to go through.

I would like to thank David Silloway for building my new rig and all the fine folks at The Bike Zone. Dave will soon be expanding The Bike Zone at its new location on 2100 Ridge Road West in Rochester, NY. He sells Trek, Raleigh, and will be selling Felt's in the new location. When you swing by, bring him a beer, like this one:

Remember, Dave:

Thanks Dave! 

Isn't she pretty? Alexa has named her Cookie Monster. What say you?

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Train Smart!


Caratunk Girl said...

Your posts are cracking me up - the pictures are awesome! Ha, so Dave likes Lion Stout? You are lucky you have a bike guy you can rely on. I wouldn't let the guy I go to come anywhere near my bike with a hacksaw (it the only option I have within a 70 mile radius) but I buy him beer anyway. :)

Is your stinky buddy still single or did you hook him up yet?

Alexa said...

I couldn't watch when they hacked my seatpost down!

Dave certainly does know what he's doing though.

Cookie Monster is super sweet looking!

Anonymous said...

Crankskins. I have a blog about these. Funniest things ever and I see you are still sporting the gear!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

OMG! That's sick! Just sick!
I love the new ride. Definitely worth the wait, which for me, felt like an eternity. Still trying to figure out how the name cookie monster came about? I also rode a roadbike with aerobars for most of the du's and tri's I did up until this year too. What a difference!


I think "Stout Lion" works better as a name....
How many beers were consumed before the cuts?

Julie said...

Your post this morning was very entertaining:) Hmm, I have never tried Lion Stout....maybe I need to. I really like your bike...gorgeous color blue:)

Kelly said...

SaWEEEETTTTT!!!!!!!!!(extra for you). Wow, that is just a gorgeous bike, but I'm with Alexa and would never have watched the seat post get cut, much less held it steady! So glad for you!

Jon said...

Niiiiiiiiiiiice! Very nice!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

So, are you saying that Dave likes beer? Ha ha!

Wow, that bike is just beautiful! Oh, and I love the name Cookie Monster! That's just awesome! :)

RockStarTri said...

Dave likes beer. I like bike porn. Good luck with the new ride!

Mark said...

CTGirl—Adam is still on the market, although, I am trying to introduce him to Alexa.

Alexa—I love Cookie Monster.

Mary—you'll be sporting the crankskins gear in Placid, I know it.

KC—I could not believe the splits I had even after my first ride on the new bike. Woah!

Bob—No beer yet, although I had one last week. I am trying to be as bloated as possible to float more in the swim.

Julie—try the beer, it is delicious! A lot of bang for your buck here!

Kelly—Thanks! I am super excited about my new ride too! When I am not riding it, I am thinking about riding it.

Aimee, I think Dave DOES like beer, or so I am told.

Rockstar—glad I could oblige your bike fetish.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I would only want to get married once, so thats why my tt bike is my mistress

The triad is on my list of bikes I want to ride.

Molly said...

For some reason the cutting of your bike gave me a flashback to the Jinsu knife commercial where they cut the soda can.

Enjoy your new ride!