29 October 2011

Pardon The Interruption....

Yeah, so, I am not even going to "front" (as those of who are truly in touch with our hip hop sensibilities like to say).  I have been absent. I will spare you the details, but let me just say this:

We've moved.

Have you ever moved?

Have you ever moved with children?

Moving with the bambini was like trying to herd cats.

The picture above is is a view from our deck looking out at the lake in the morning. I get to roll out of bed every morning to this spectacular view. Talk about motivation! It is just there, calling me down. If we did not have winter here eight months out of the year, why would I ever do laps at the pool? This "waterfront"—although the actual waterfront is a wee bit father than it looks—is nothing new for us. Heck when we moved into our first house eleven years ago we had a teeny, tiny retaining pond in our backyard for the the development behind us. Eleven years later

We moved twice in the span of a month. Who does that, or more importantly, why did we do this?

Well, as we were waiting to close on our new house, and start the kids at their new school, we thought it would be a good idea not to live in our van down by the river, er, or lake in this case. It really came down to wifey and me not wanting to start the kiddies in there previous school and have to move them after a month. I know it seems crazy to some, but we thought it might have been a bit more difficult, especially given the fact that our twins were starting full-day kindergarten. The amazing thing about our children is that they just rolled with everything. Perhaps it is the fact that they are so close in age, but they were barely phased by the chaos the last month. When we moved into the house we rented from one of my colleagues, the kids were outside riding their bikes around the block, immediately making new friends.

Needless to say, the month following Rev3 has been absolosmurfly insane. Thus, I am just getting into the swing of training again. My new neighborhood provides the perfect triathlon training ground as far as I am concerned. I have a brutal 4.5, 7, and 9 mile loop that have me running up hills that I literally have to pump myself up for minutes before arriving. I can not make any excuses for taking a little time off, other than the fact that I have been a bit physically and mentally spent from the pace at work. Of course, if I don't train, I get a little lethargic and am not as efficient at work as I should be. When I swim during the afternoons and head back to my office, I am incredibly productive.

Speaking of swimming, the women's swim team invited me to start practicing with them, which of course, I graciously accepted. I think they all secretly enjoy kicking my ass, but you would never know it. They are incredibly encouraging all the time. Why don't I work out with them men's team? We don't have one. Needless to say, I am currently the slowest "honorary member" on the team.

I am still "unpacking" from Rev 3 Cedar Point and looking forward to another season under the fearless leadership of Mama Bear herself, Carole Sharpless. My nephew, Nicholas seeded me this video in a torrent file a couple of weeks ago.

Our fearless team leader, Carole Sharples interview 1/2. You'll understand after seeing this double feature, why Carole is well-suited to lead a team with so many personalities—she has multiple personalities herself:

I have some other big news for 2012 coming soon. Stay tuned!