19 July 2012

My Pearl Armada And Career MTB Race #2

Um, I can explain.

What appears to be a photo of Imelda Marcos' prison floor is really just part of my Pearl Izumi collection. Yes, I said "part." I am an endurance athlete, back off. On the far end are my Tri Fly Carbon IV's, but I am missing my Tri Fly Carbon III's and my newly acquired MTB All Road's.

And, yes, I have run in every single pair of these kicks. Every once in a while wifey will ask me when we can get rid of a pair.


Would you ask me to get rid of one of my children?
I think not.

It is extremely easy to write a review of a product line that you absolutely dig. That is the way I feel about my arsenal of Pearl Izumi kicks. Plain and simple, they are the shiznit.*

I have been wearing Pearl Izumi running and bike shoes for about six years. It started when I got my first pair of  Iso Shifts. I went through a few pairs of these and decided to get another pair of kicks for my track/speed workouts. I ended up going the Streaks (the BLUE ones pictured right next to my trail shoes). A few months ago I purchased the Syncro Float IV's for some of my longer runs. The Float is well cushioned and mildly supportive for the mild pronator.

The kind people at Pearl Izumi sent the Rev3 team a pair of their outstanding Iso Tranisition triathlon specific shoes, as well as their Tri Fly Carbon IV's. I'll be honest. I was a little concerned with running a HIM with the Iso Transitions because when you pick them up it feels like they defy gravity. How can gravity-defying shoes offer me the support I need? I am not big on all the technical babble about shoes: "They do this, it has that, etc." What I do know is that I ran my fastest and most comfortable HIM split in my Iso Transitions. Coincidence? Negative, Ghost Rider. When you are more comfortable on the bike, you can bike faster. When you are more comfortable in your shoes, you can run faster. I have loved my trail shoes, but they also serve a dual purpose as my everyday "kicking it around town shoes" and thus I am ready for a new pair. I have been gradually increasing my trail running to build some more strength, but mostly for my sanity. I love being out in the trails, trying to navigate my way around, all while avoiding impaling myself on busted tree limbs, or cracking my dome on a rock on the ground from falling over roots hidden by leaves on the trail. I just ordered a pair of these!

Gang, if you want "Run like an Animal," you must visit the Pearl Website and get with it.

* For my hip hop impaired blogger friends, urbandictionary.com defines shiznit as the shortened term for "that is the shit, isn't it?" (ex. "that taco's the shiznit.")


My little man and I went out last night for our second go at a MTB race. He had a much faster race than last week, finishing 6th overall in the 8-12 junior category. Way to go little man! I, on the other hand,  decided that I was going to race the 40+ Sport division last night. This meant doing 5 laps around a fairly technical, tight single-track course. I kind of missed the start of the race. I was out at my car trying to charge up my Garmin which unfortunately remained dead for my race. I did okay considering I raced on Sunday. I went out there to just do it and have some fun, and that is exactly how it went down.

Good News: I only spilled once and it was not so bad. Man, trying to bike on sand is ridiculous.
Bad News: Mountain biking requires a totally different kind of fitness than triathlon.

More soon. Train Smart!


TriMOEngr said...

Next time catch a pic of that boy doing his mtb thing! THAT would be the shiznit for sure. So awesome. Haven't had any worn any Pearl shoes, but love their socks.

Joel said...

Mark, your best testimonial was the first picture. No need to write a review as that picture said a 1000 words.

And BTW, I LOVE PI's too....I just don't have as many as you.

Noel Nelson said...

It is amazing to see you managing your music, family and workouts altogether. Nice collection of sports shoes! The blue one looks comfy and awesome!


Triathlon Training said...

You got lot of Bike shoes and extremely catchy is the first one . . i also want some large collection . . hope i will do in more than a year :P

Hostpph said...

You have a great collection and I bet that you like to buy more of them.