11 August 2011

Ramping Up For Rev 3 And Watching Rugrats Run

I had a really great build week last week thanks to the fine art of torture planning Coach Mary laid out for me. I had a great six hour ride on Saturday through some hills followed by a nice 30 minute run. All said and done, it was nearly 4800 feet of climbing. Now, I know it is not nearly as much as I would do if I lived, say, in Colorado, but it is pretty darn good for western New York.

I learned a couple of things around mile 90 of my 110 mile bike ride:

1) My sense of humor severely diminishes after mile 90.

2) I want "real people" food after 90 miles, like pizza, or a cheeseburger.

3) TriSlide is an essential part of any 6 hour bike ride.

4) My nutrition plan going into this year's REV3 Cedar Point is far better than I experienced last year. I will be consuming copious amount (at least a bottle per hour) of grape EFS.

Hopefully this will all pay off with a FUN day at REV3 Cedar Point. I am really starting to look forward to the race, despite all the craziness of trying to prepare classes for the fall semester.

I had a swim a one hour swim the other day—with another one scheduled here shortly—that I completely rocked. I mean, check it out.... my top speed was 121 mph. Take THAT Michael Phelps! Not to mention, I did over 2600 feet of climbing on my swim. That is surely unprecedented. When forced to explain how this is even possible to wifey, I told her that I would start underneath the horizon and continually swim back into shore. A canoe would bring me back out and I would repeat. Wifey rolled her eyes and said something about being an idiot. I am not sure. I really was not listening.

Last Thursday wifey and I took the bambini out for a "fun run" that is sponsored by one of the local running clubs. They offered for events for the kiddies: the 100 meter, quarter mile, half mile, and mile. Everyone wanted to try running. Below is a picture of my girls just before the race and a picture of Stella showing of her race bib.

The "race" organizers had all the events back to back. The kids maybe got three to five minutes between races to rest and enjoy their delicious popsicles. Our one daughter, Janina, ran all of the races. She won 100 meter and did pretty well in the quarter—considering she is just five years old. She must have her mother's genetics. Everyone did awesome and had such a blast. Luca surprised wifey and I by going out super fast in the 800. We thought he was going to throw up, but he managed to stride out the middle 200 yards and sail easily past the finish line relatively upright. Tonight, he is going to attempt to run the mile. Luca is as competitive as his old man. He gets distraught when I beat him at chess. He said he wants to come in first. I reminded him that these runs are not timed—they are just about going out and having fun running—to which he replied, "...yeah, I know, but I want to win the fun run." I was proud and tearful for a moment.
The first video is of the 100 meter. This was hysterical. You can see my daughter in the right hand corner in purple pass quickly past the camera, but watching Stella run is absolutely wonderful.

Heading out this weekend for another six hour ride and 30 minute run. I would like to thank Recovery Pump for ensuring that I am still able to run, let alone walk, on Sunday!
More soon. Train Smart!


Medievalist said...

nice! your bike ride put all of my CA hill runs to shame. Can I come over and try out the pump thing? At the least, we should try to get in a few runs/workouts and a beer night while I'm here.


Those things make you look seriously tall!!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Your training is fabuloso! Keep up the good work there, especially on the uphill swimming at warp speed.
Loved those videos. They made me smile from ear to ear. Adorable little runners you have there!
Now lets talk about those recovery things you're sporting ...do you recommend them to your loyal bloggy friends? I will admit, I did laugh at first b/c they do look funny but now I'm trying to be clinical and serious about it. Let us know about them, ok? Inquiring minds want to know.

Aimee said...

Nice job with your training!! And, those recovery pump legs are awesome!

I loved the videos of your little ones running! Soooo cute!

tribirdie said...

Totally awesome!! Gotta love the fun run :D You are going to have a great race at CP!! Especially with all that uphill swim training, simply incredible! :D

Hollywood said...

Pretty sure all of our senses of humor disappears after 90 miles; I think that's why there's no talking in that last ~hour on the bike.

Kacie Darden said...

I think you tend to tune out about the same time I do in conversations with spouses :-)

Pschall said...

I’m about to do a gogle search on the pump thing that you are wearing for recovery. I am verrrrrry interested in them, my friend. Especially because they make you look taller!

Your family is precious! You must be a proud daddy to have so many little athletes following in your footsteps!

Oh, and epic training! I laughed at your comments on the 90 miles because that is exactly when I hit my wall this past sunday on my long ride.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Great training Mark!

See ya in a few weeks!

Kelly said...

Loved the video of Stella...she's a keeper for sure!!