20 May 2011

The Friday Top Five

Looks like I will be going for the Ragnar double bottle opener come October in Pennsylvania. Two Ragnar races in the same season. I am clearly psychotic, or I have a subconscious desire for self-flaggelation. 
Before leaving for the Ragnar Relay, I was having some minor knee discomfort. Like, I could not run without pain in my right knee. The pain was really localized to an area on the left side of my right patella. Running Ragnar was painful. The first couple of miles were always painful, but then the pain subsided—or my knee just became relatively numb—and I managed to grimace through it. On the way back from Ragnar, I was really concerned that no amount of physical therapy, or beer, were going to be able to remedy the pain in my knee. I could not even lift my leg up off the seat I was sitting on. So, I scheduled an appointment with the orthopedic on Tuesday.

Good news. He took x-rays and said my knee looks really healthy. Apparently the pain is a result of bursitis. Therapy: no running for a bit, ice and Aleve.

Looks like the gang is getting back together to race Ragnar Relay Pennsylvania in October.

Rev 3 Quassay is only weeks away. I am a little concerned about the water temperature being really cold. It has been rainy and  miserable throughout the whole northeast this spring. What gives? Last year, it was unusually warm during the month of May. I am very excited about meeting many of my Trakkers teammates for the first time. Plus, I think my nephews are going to be out there documenting again for me. If you missed the nephews the first time around, you'll want to check them out for sure. My nephew Nicholas is an electrical engineer, and Michael is a marketing guru, but when they are together, they can not pass kindergarten. Ah, brothers!

Real excited to put all my training together in a few weeks on my way towards Rev 3 Cedar Point where I will be racing the iron distance. I believe Coach Mary has me preparing really well and I have felt confident about all my training. I have noticed a pretty substantial difference in my workouts since my semester has ended. For me, training has more of psychological toll than physical. During the semester, my mind is occupied with the laundry list of things I need to get done, and it is sometimes difficult to just compartmentalize my workout. It has definitely gotten easier. I think the solution will always be getting my ass out of bed and training earlier. That way, I can focus on what I need to get done during the day, and not worry about how I am going to fit my workout in during the day. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Okay, onto the Friday Top Five. My five favorite 80's movies:

The Friday Top Five—80's Movies:

5) The Breakfast Club: The 1985 cult classic that immediately resonated with a vast majority of generation xers because of its ability to employ every possible high school stereotype: the jock, the head, athlete, the basket case, the brain, and the princess.  Honestly, I think that everyone who is currently in the late thirties or early forties has had to seen this movie at least once, if not multiple times. The Breakfast Club is a story about five high school students who—represent every possible cliche their is—have to spend a Saturday afternoon at their high school for detention. I will be the first to admit that I had almost an unhealthy hidden love affair with the red-headed angel of all those classic John Hughes films, actress Molly Ringwald, for most of my adolescent years. For years I could watch this film and recite every line almost verbatim. I was so nerdy. Like most adolescents, I was trying desperately to find myself. I would break down my high school persona as such:

40% Anothony Michael Hall's character
40% Emilio Estevez's character
20% John Bender's character

Admittedly, every once in a while I will get on IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base—for those of you living n another galaxy ) to see what Molly and Ally are up to. Why, oh why can I not see more of my two high school girlfriends?

4) Real Geniuses: I have said it before and I'll say it again. Never has there ever been a finer film made about nerdy engineering students developing a high-powered laser that can liquidate human targets from outer space. I have probably seen this film more than any other film on my list. I watch it a couple of times a year and never tire of it. If any of you are looking at ways to blow up a house using a laser and popcorn, you should check out this movie.

3) Sixteen Candles: Another one of my John Hughes favorites. Sixteen Candles is the classic story of Samantha Baker—played by my high school girlfriend Molly Ringwald (unbeknownst to her)—in which her family completely forgets her sixteenth birthday as they are completely consumed by wedding preparations the same weekend for their oldest daughter. It is your classic "nerd likes girl, parents forget birthday, sister gets married and snookered up on muscle relaxers, girl falls for jockey sensitive, wealthy type whose father owns a Rolls Royce who Anthony Michael Hall's  nerdy character—smitten for Ringwald—will use to have sex in with  jock's ex-girlfriend story."  But, there are some twists too. How can this movie possibly miss?

2) Caddyshack: There have been a lot of golf movies: The Legend of Baggar Vance, Tin Cup, Happy Gilmore, but for me, there will never be a better movie ever made about the sport than Caddyshack. I think the comedic timing of this movie makes it so funny. What's more, comedic legends Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, and Bill Murray star in the same film. I can not play a game of H-O-R-S-E with someone now without yelling "Noonan" as they are trying to sink a shot. Hysterically, my nine year old son—who has never seen the movie—will also yell out "noonan" as I am trying to sink a shot. I've created a monster.

1) This is Spinal Tap: I would seriously give this movie a 9 out of 11. If you do not know what I am talking about, then it is right time you get hip to the greatest rock film ever made. This is SPinal Tap takes a satirical and unbelievably accurate look at the heavy metal rock scene of the late 70's and early 80's. I have enough friends who lived this lifestyle who say that this hits a little too close to home. You know... spandex, completely self-absorbed personalities with unbelievably poor self-awareness. Everything that made heavy metal great.

Honorable Mentions: Back to the Future, E.T., Blues Brothers.  What are YOURS??!!

Okay, more soon. Train Smart!


Heather said...

(Glad your knee pain isn't serious.)
Yes. I train early in the morning because otherwise I will stress out about things I can't control, like sick kids, and what time football practice ends.
Caddy Shack - I had never seen it until I married The Coach...now we never order from a concession stand without saying, "I want a hamburber, no a cheeseburger......" And of course the other spouse always supplies - "You will have nothing and like it!"
Favorite 80's movie.....too hard to pick!

Kacie Darden said...

Glad you are not seriously hurt! I will be meeting you in Quassy!

Christi said...

Great movie list!

RockStarTri said...

Bueller doesn't make the list? Spinal tap was too close to my life at the time (I had an amp that actually went to 11 - in that era keyboards sounded best through bass amps although I used ampeg and peavey more).

I'll be at Quassy too!

Molly said...

I'm married to Mike Baker. That's the name of Samantha's little brother in 16 Candles. Not the same guy, they just share a name.

This weather is the worst, I have yet to get in a pool this spring, so I'm preparing myself for the ccccold lake.

Take care of that knee!!

Aimee said...

The breakfast club and Sixteen Candles are both AWESOME!!

I'm glad your knee pain isn't anything serious!!

Colleen said...

Best of luck in Quassy! Wish I was going! :(

Gosh, 80's movies - there are just too many good ones. I loved the Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles though...