30 July 2010

The Duh Report, And Other Odds And Ends

There are things along my journey towards ironman that I think should be plainly obvious to me, but yet have struggled immensely to grasp.

For instance, training for ironman takes time. A lot of time. It takes a supportive family. When I finish (hopefully) Rev 3 Cedar Point, I am taking that medal and putting around the neck of the person who really deserves it more than anyone else on the planet—my wife. She put up with all the weekend bike rides, with my crabbiness after I get the kids in bed because I am thinking about:

° How I did not train as much as I was suppose to
° Whining about how frackin' tired I am all the time (no sympathy from her there)
° How sore I am from swimming, biking, and running more in one day than I have up to that point in  my life.
° How I will have to turn off training for a while come 13 September and remember how to be a composer and musician again.

Then, of course, there are some things that I could have never have anticipated. Because my first obligation is my family and work, there have been times when I have had to make the easy, but painful choice between training or spending time with my family. Given the choice, I am always going to choose my family, even it means I will not be able to feel my quads for weeks following ironman. This past Friday, I was scheduled to do a run/bike/run. The run was suppose to be 1:45, followed by a 45 minute bike ride, followed by a one hour run. Seriously? Get real training schedule. As it were, Luca had two afternoon baseball games. So, I ended up fitting in my workout in between his game, truncating each section a little bit. Okay, to be honest, I only ended up running about 15 minutes of my second run. The legs were fine. My nutrition was solid. I felt pretty good conisdering how hot and humid it was. The first one was at 11:00, the second at 3:00. Could I have gone out early in the morning, say 5:30, 6:00 and been done in time for his first game? Sure. But burning the candle at both ends has me spending some quality time with the wifey talking until 11:30,  midnight. One thing I seriously have to work on this next month is getting my butt to bed early—real early—and trying to start up my early morning routine again.

However, there are quite a few things that I have really enjoyed about training for ironman:

° Eating an insane amount of food  at all hours of the day.
° The camaraderie of training with people that make you work harder.
° Improving technique (my swim technique can only get better)
° The conversations I have with people when I explain to them.."Yes, it is all in one day."

Adam and I had a nice two mile swim on Wednesday followed by an hour bike ride. We then decided that we should take advantage of Wednesday night all you can eat sushi at one of our favorite sushi bars.
Our sushi chefs, Maria and Julia made us some hand rolls first. Too delicious!
 The ever shy Maria getting ready to slice and dice some avocados.
Julia did 99% of our rolls.

Two hand made hand rolls= YUMMY
Then, it was time for the smörgasbord. Yes, I successfully worked in the work smörgasbord AND and an umlaut in the same post. BONUS points.
I can not even remember what everything was, but man, was it delicious!
In the spirit of all you can eat sushi, Adam and I thought it would be almost offensive—like eating dinner at an Italian household—if we did not ask for more rolls after this. So, we shared three more rolls between us (in addition to the three we had after the hand rolls, and before this beautiful array of culinary art.
Adam posing with his new best friends. This is the face of
a sushi-drunk human. Did I mention ladies, he single?
OTHER NEWS: Did I mention I am also transitioning into a new gig? Check this place out! Isn't it just beautiful?

Okay, this is  not the building I will be teaching in, but it is right
next to it. 

Not a bad view of the campus from my blimp, eh?
Okay, go ahead those of you not in the know. Where is  
this mysterious new campus I will be teaching at
starting this fall?

Okay, I am off to the lake for another disciplined two mile swim. I did a 2-miler Wednesday with Adam. He finished before me, but it took me about 55 minutes. At least I know I can go the distance now, and the time. 

Okay, more exciting news coming soon. I have a meeting scheduled with Aquawoman. 

Train Smart!


Molly said...

no idea what campus that is, but I do know California Rollin' when I see it....I miss that place!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

What a beautiful place! Can't imagine heading there for work every day. Maybe I should think about a graduate degree?

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Wow, a couple of 2 mile swims...nice! You are doing a great job of fitting in everything the best you can. Everytime I read your blog, I come away so impressed with your improvised training. I don't think you will have any trouble completing the IM. Not sure where your new campus is? But it is pretty.


Here's a little extra sleep trick.


Go upstairs at 7:30, or 8:30, or 9:30, whatever the time.

Lay down with the little one, then wake-up at 11:00 to say good night to the wife.

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Jon said...

Thanks for the perspective on what to expect during Ironman training regarding how much time it eats up vs spent with the family.

Caratunk Girl said...

I have no idea what the campus is, but it is gorgeous. LOVE what you said about putting the medal around your wife's neck. Very cool.

You always amaze me - training, dad, husband, work - you are quite a juggler and an inspiration!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

I LOVE how you said you would give your wife the medal! I feel the same away about my husband. I COULD NOT do it without his support and understanding!
Yum...sushi is so good! I love it and can actually eat more of it than my husband sometimes..ha ha!
That campus is absolutely beautiful!

wendy_kresha@charter.net said...

I definitely think the spouse deserves the medal far more than the racer. I often think of how much time my training takes (and i am only training for a SPRINT!). he ends up with the kids a lot. I am very blessed to have a very patient, loving and supportive husband. it sounds like your wife is the same.

Oh and get your butt to bed earlier, you will fell much better : )