27 April 2010

Update: Work Induced Ironman Tapering And Other Detours

Oh, what a marginal week of training will do for your psyche and endurance. You're probably expecting some self deprecating talk about how  terrible my training is going, and that I should probably give it all up and take up sewing.

Much to the contrary, my work induced tapering this past week left me feeling suspiciously strong this weekend, with a lot of extra fuel in my tank. I had an awesome 20 mile climb before returning 20 miles back home on my bike and running four miles alongside my son Julian, who I had promised could go for a bike ride while I run. He was so excited to be out there with me. I almost had to stop when he asked me if he could have a gel so he could go faster. Today, I ran a short 8 mile stretch in an hour.

One thing will definitely change once my semester is over at the university. I am committed to getting back in that weight room and pumping iron. It should be a little bit easier since I will have my wife's cousin up again this summer spending time with us. If you have not heard about him already, his name is Matthew, and he lost 72 pounds the summer he lived with us by changing his eating habits and exercising—a virtual lobotomy. I get to chronicle his progress here, as well as mine.

Getting back in the pool is on definitely on the agenda this week. I am going to try to fit in my three swim workouts. There is really no reason why I shouldn't, other than the fact that I love making excuses not to swim: my shoulders are sore, the pool is too warm, the Loch Ness monster resides in the water.

Update: Mucho congratulations to my running buddy Vanessa Taylor, who finished her first Boston Marathon with a time of 3:38:51. Way to go little buddy!

To all my blog buddies: Sorry I have not visited in a while. I miss reading your posts when I get so busy, but it is great fun to visit your blogs and hear completely unexpected things going on in your lives once time presents itself again. It is like watching an entire season of LOST or Battlestar Galactica over the summer in a few weeks... well,  minus all the kick-ass cylons, and electromagnetic fields.



Thanks for your support..
My whole training routine is one long taper... I guess that's why I am the one hour ironman.
Weather is looking up for St Geo, so I am out of my panic mode...

Krista said...

Good to hear an update! I love this quote - this design also happens to be on my favorite coffee cup!

Molly said...

I have a slow week running wise after my race Sunday, then it's marathon training time. Just enough enough time to scarf down some pizza with minimal damage.

That's amazing about Matthew's weight loss.