22 March 2010

Clif Bar Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to Tim C, Jeff  and Big Daddy Diesel . These hombres are the winners of the Clif Bar Giveaway. I know... I know... all men. But, just like last time, I threw all the names into an excel spread sheet and mixed them up randomly. Then I used a random number generator to pick numbers between 1 and 104. Now, just for fun—and because I can—I am going to write a bunch of random things:

Golfballs have dimples.
I love Jell-o.
Purple is a nice color.
Dancing makes me nervous.
Only YOU can prevent forest fires.

But I digress. Thanks to everyone for taking part in my very successful  Clif Bar giveaway! Gentlemen, please send me a note (via post or email) with your Clif Builder Bar preference, and I will make sure that the nice people over at Clif send you a box.

Update: Started week 12 of training today. My body is STILL extremely tired from my 13.5 mile run with my friend Bill yesterday. We did not set any records, but we ran steady 8:27's. I was fine with that my first time out. I think we both could have run faster, but the legs were a little fatigued from a long bike ride the day before. Today was a nice recovery 2700 yard "recover swim." I need to go to bed early and rest this tired body. I will be posting part two of my interview with Jeff Henderson this week as well as announcing an extremely kick-butt giveaway. Stay tuned, and Train Smart!


Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Woot Woot -- That is cool, I never win these things!

Peanut Butter is my choice of Clif Bar.

Mark, I don't have your email address to send my address so here is mine: jeffirvin@gmail.com

Thanks for the cool give-away!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

*Happy Dance*

I would like to thank my parents, without their support this dream will have never have come true. I would like to thank Mark for this wonder contest, this contest made me train harder and deeper then ever before (emotional crackle in voice).... Oh wait, am I allowed a winners speech?

I will go with Lemon

I dont have your email either, mine is tri_diesel@yahoo.com.

Thanks again (tear, sniff) for the giveaway

Mark said...

Diesel, hysterical! love the acceptance speech!

Molly said...

I'm so bummed that I missed your giveaway! I'm going to have to give the mint flavor a shot.

Dude, I'm still annoyed with Lost. Especially with yet ANOTHER new group of people hanging around. And I'm convinced that Sayeed is now evil.

great smiley pic of your daughter...

TimC said...

I love me some Cliff bars. I love me some free goodies. Mark I like the peanut butter ones. They are great on a long ride. Thank you very much for doing the contest for us.