29 October 2009


When I started swimming two years ago—I mean really swimming—I never thought that I would enjoy it as much as I do now. I look forward to getting in the pool and training. The great thing about my swim workouts is that every time I train in the pool, I feel like I am still making significant gains with my form, rhythm and breathing. I even spent about 10 minutes working on my flip turns last night... and they are actually improving! Now my swim workouts will be so much more enjoyable thanks to the very generous sponsorship that I received from H2O Audio. Swimming 3000+ yards and spending over an hour and a half in the pool in preparation for an Ironman will be a little easier knowing I can rock out to my favorite inspiring tunes while I am doing it. I will be posting a review of their Interval 3G waterproof system for the iPod shuffle shortly after I receive it sometime next week. Thanks again H2O Audio, I am looking forward to a great season using your gear!

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