05 August 2009

Cayuga Triathlon Skinny

First, let me say that I would never suggest that anyone ever attempt a ten hour car ride straight through the night to race the following day. This is exactly what this "braniac" did. The first 200 meters of the swim were brutal—the lake was really choppy and I was tired from lack of sleep. I also went out way too fast. I almost... ALMOST, turned around and headed back to shore. Then a little voice in my head said "C'mon, you've trained for this.. you just ran a half-Ironman. Get going, slow and steady."

I was happy with my bike and run:

1:13:00 (20 m.p.h. average) and 53:46 (8:40). This was the first triathlon that I was able to run the whole run leg without stopping.

Looking forward to see what is possible with adequate rest the week of a race. Look out Canandaigua!

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